Anschluss (Ger., connection, link; the lead), in tactics, serves to maintain the cohesion of subunits and to coordinate their movement during an advance or withdrawal. In a firefight, the most advanced soldier or subunit typically has Anschluss, the lead; troops on either flank of the Anschluss are to maintain communications and coordinate their actions relative to the Anschluss.

When the machine gun team or the entire section deploys, Schütze 1 always has Anschluss.

When the rifle team deploys from single file, the leading rifleman has Anschluss. When deploying from line, the Anschlussmann is designated by the Truppführer (TrpFhr).

Source: Kühlwein, Oberstleutnant: Die Gruppe im Gefecht (Berl. 1937)

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