Bavarian Infanterie-Regiment Salzburg
2. Bayerisches Kreis-Regiment

Kaiserliche Reichs Executions Armée, 1756–1763

Infanterie-Regiment Salzburg, 2. Bayerisches Kreis-Regiment, 1756–1763.

In August 1757, the 2. Bavarian Kreis-Regiment consisted of four infantry companies recruited in the Bishopric of Salzburg. When the Battle of Rossbach was fought on 5 November 1757, the regiment stood at Nuremberg, Franconia. In May 1758, IR Salzburg had reached a strength of nine companies, organized in two battalions of four companies each, plus one grenadier company. In addition, the regiment had three battalion guns.

From December 1759 to February 1760, the I. Bataillon and the grenadier company were at Hof, Upper Franconia, while the II. Bataillon was quartered at Lichtenberg and Naila. During this time, the regiment was engaged in Small Wars skirmishes with Prussian irregular Freitruppen, in the course of which several battalion guns were apparently lost. In 1760, the regiment received new battalion guns with red carriages. In December 1760, IR Salzburg and IR Kurtrier were quarter at Hof. The I. Bataillon marched to Münchberg on December 15, followed by II. Bataillon on 18 December 1760. At the Battle of Freiberg, 29 Oktober 1762, the regiment fought on the right flank of the imperial Reichsarmee, under General-Leutnant von Rosenfeld.


  • Grenadier-Kompanie, Bistum Salzburg Bishopric, catholic
  • 1. Kompanie, Bistum Salzburg Bishopric, catholic
  • 2. Kompanie, Bistum Salzburg Bishopric, catholic
  • 3. Kompanie, Bistum Salzburg Bishopric, catholic
  • 4. Kompanie, Bistum Passau Bishopric, catholic
  • 5. Kompanie, Abtei Kaisheim Abbey (Kaisersheim), catholic
  • 6. Kompanie, Herzogtum Pfalz-Neuburg Duchy (Neuburg an der Donau), catholic
  • 7. Kompanie, Fürstentum Pfalz-Sulzbach (Sulzbach-Rosenberg), protestant
  • 8. Kompanie, Reichsstadt Regensburg and Grafschaft Ortenburg County, protestant


  • white coat with yellow buttons
  • red collar
  • red lapels with 1-2-3-3 buttons right and left
  • three buttons below the right lapel, and three laced buttonholes below the left
  • red cuffs with three buttons
  • red turnbacks
  • red shoulder strap
  • black stock
  • red vest with yellow buttons
  • white breeches
  • black gaiters with yellow buttons
  • black tricorne hat without edging, red/white pompom
  • dark brown fur cap for grenadiers, with yellow metal grenade and red bag

2. Bayerisches Kreis-Regiments had a uniform of Austrian pattern. Musketeers wore tricorne hats without edging, grenadiers had brown fur caps.

Campaign History

  • Nürnberg, 1757
  • Hof, Lichtenberg and Naila, Schmalkalden, 1759–1760
  • Münchberg, 1760
  • Battle of Freiberg, 1762

During the Seven Years’ War, Infanterie-Regiment Salzburg was primarily engaged in guard and security duty of the Small Wars.

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