There is a war on!

Surely, you will not turn down the opportunity of a brigade!

Feldmarschall Daun

Adventurous Ladies and Gentlemen,

it will require a great philosopher and historian to explain the causes of the war we are currently engaged in. It is a great struggle and you are called upon to serve your country honorably.

You have studied the ongoing campaign in much detail, and now is the time to practise what you have learned. I invite you to accept a commission with one of the Major or Minor Powers currently involved in the war. Attached is a list of available commissions for you to choose from.

Ulrich Magnus de Pire
Kommandant der Militärakademie

The Major Powers in the 18th Century

  • Kingdom of England
  • Kingdom of France
  • Habsburg Empire, Austria & Hungary
  • Ottoman Turks
  • Kingdom of Prussia
  • Russian Empire
  • Kingdom of Spain

Emerging Powers in the 18th Century

Auxiliary Forces in the 18th Century

  • Austrian Grenzer
  • Bengali
  • Indian Sepoys in English Service
  • Indian Sepoys in French Service
  • Irish Brigade in French Service
  • North American Colonial Militia
  • North American Loyalists
  • North American Hurons etc.
  • North American Mohicans etc.
  • Prussian Freicorps
  • Scottish Exiles in French Service
  • Swiss Mercenaries in French Service

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