The Reichsarmee

Fränkischer Kreis

Franconia raised three infantry, one cuirassier and one dragoon regiment for the Reichsarmee. These units served in the Rhineland during the 1733-35 and 1757-63 campaigns. The infantry participated at the Battle of Rossbach, but they were not highly regarded by the French commander Soubise. Their loyalty may have been in doubt, because the Markgraf von Brandenburg-Bayreuth was married to a niece of the Prussian king. The Markgraf uniformed and organized his troops on the Prussian pattern, indicating a certain political leaning.

Kreis-Regiment zu Fuss von Varell
Kreis-Regiment zu Fuss von Ferentheil
Kreis-Regiment zu Fuss von Kronegk
Kreis-Kürassier-Regiment Markgraf von Brandenburg-Bayreuth
Kreis-Dragoner-Regiment Erbprinz Markgraf von Brandenburg-Ansbach

Kreis-Regiment zu Fuß von Varell

Kreis-Regiment zu Fuß von Varell
Garrison: Bayreuth (Grenadier Company)

  • Blue coat of Prussian cut.
  • Black stock.
  • Yellow collar, cuffs, lapels, turnbacks, coat lining,
  • White kamisol, trousers, bandoliers and hat lace.
  • Black gaiters, tricorne hat, cartridge box, bayonet scabbard.
  • Blue & yellow cockade on tricorne hat.
  • Yellow buttons.
  • Red-brown calfskin straps on musket.
  • Prussian style grenadier hat with brass plate, blue central round shield with white sword emblem, red bag, yellow base with brass grenaded badges, white trim.
  • Cowhide knapsacks.

Drummers: Swallow’s nests edged yellow; brass drums with red and white hoops.

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