The Army of August III

Kurfürst in Sachsen

The Saxon army of 1756 was uniformed and equipped following the Prussian pattern. Infantry regiments consisted of 2 battalions with 4 Musketier Companies, 1 Grenadier Company and 1 section of 4pdr battalion guns each. Grenadier companies from two different regiments were permanently brigaded, forming an elite reserve of grenadier battalions. After the surrender at Pirna, a new Saxon army was raised in Austria, which later served in Prinz Xavers corps of the French army. A mixture of Austrian and French equipment was then used, although the Prussian cut of the uniform seems to have been maintained. It is important to note that only three infantry regiments had coat lapels, Leibgrenadier Garde, Graf Brühl, and Kurprinzessin.

General Staff
Infanterie-Regiment Garde zu Fuss
Infanterie-Regiment Königin
Infanterie-Regiment Kurprinzessin
Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Friedrich August
Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Xaver
Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Clemens
Infanterie-Regiment Graf Brühl
Infanterie-Regiment Graf Lubomirsky
Füsilier-Regiment von Rochow
Infanterie-Regiment von Minckwitz
Infanterie-Regiment Prinz von Sachsen-Gotha
Infanterie-Regiment von Friesen
Grenadier-Bataillon Kurprinzessin von Sachsen
Grenadier-Bataillon von Bennigsen (Garde zu Fuss/Graf Brühl)
Grenadier-Bataillon Kavanagh (Prinz Friedrich August/Lubomirski)
Grenadier-Bataillon von de Pforte (Prinz Xaver/Sachsen-Gotha)
Grenadier-Bataillon von Gotze (Friesen/Minckwitz)
Grenadier-Bataillon von Milckau (Königin/Rochow)
Grenadier-Bataillon von Pfundheller (Prinz Clemens/Leibgrenadier-Garde)
Karabiniers-Garde (fought at Kolin 1756)
Kürassier-Regiment Garde du Corps
Kürassier-Regiment Kur- und Königlicher Prinz
Kürassier-Regiment von Vitzhum
Kürassier-Regiment von Arnim
Kürassier-Regiment Fürst Anhalt
Kürassier-Regiment von Plötz
Dragoner-Regiment Graf Brühl
Chevaulegers-Regiment Prinz Karl
Chevaulegers-Regiment Graf Rutowsky (1756-57 II. Bataillon Prussian DR 12)

Infanterie-Regiment Garde zu Fuss

Infanterie-Regiment Garde zu Fuss in summer dress, without coats.

  • White coat, trousers, cockage, hat lace, bandoliers & musket slings.
  • Red stock, kamisol, collar, cuffs, turnbacks, epaulette & pompom.
  • Black gaiters, tricorne hat, cartridge box, bayonet scabbard.
  • Brass buttons, badge on cartridge box, sword hilt and musket fittings.
  • Cowhide knapsacks.
Drummers: Reversed colors and lace on coat; brass drums, hoops striped white & facing color
Grenadiers: Prussian style grenadier mitre cap with red pompom & sack, white base & lace.
Officer: Trousers in the facing color, brass gorget, silver & red sash

Prinz Xaver Prinz Xaver attaches himself to Grenadier-Bataillon von Milckau, established from the grenadier companies of Infanterie-Regiment Königin & Füsilier-Regiment von Rochow.

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