Twentieth-Century Artillery

300 of the World’s Greatest Artillery Pieces

Twentieth-Century Artillery, Ian Hogg.

This essential guide brings together the most important examples of artillery used or designed in the 20th century. Beginning with the guns that pounded the trenches of World War I, and the giant calibers of «Big Bertha», «Schlanke Emma», and the Paris gun, it details all major forms of artillery throughout the century. Each entry is accompanied by a full-colour artwork and a specifications table to give essential information at-a-glance.


  • Title: Twentieth-Century Artillery, 300 of the World’s Greatest Artillery Pieces
  • Period: WW1, WW2, 20th Century
  • Type: Artillery Guide
  • Author: Ian Hogg
  • Format: 320-page book with 302 colour illustrations
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Amber Books Ltd., London, England
  • German Edition: Gondrom Verlag GmbH, Bindlach
  • ISBN: 158663299X
  • Published: 2000


  1. Introduction
  2. Heavy and Field Artillery
  3. Anti-Aircraft Guns
  4. Anti-Tank Weapons
  5. Light Support Weapons
  6. Surface Missiles
  7. Anti-Aircraft Missiles
  8. Rail Guns
  9. Self-Propelled Guns
  10. Rocket Artillery
  11. Glossary
  12. Alphabetical Index

Ian Hogg’s book reviews the 300 most important 20th century artillery pieces. Every page features a colour illustration of the cannon, howitzer, mortar, rocket projector, or missile being reviewed, a short description of the piece, its country of origin, calibre, weight, barrel length, elevation, traverse, ammunition type and weight, muzzle velocity, and effective range. Armour penetration characteristics are not included, and there is no list of armed forces which employed a particular artillery piece. Wargamers interested in this kind of information will have to look elsewhere.

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