German Infantry, 1943–1945

Caesar 1:72 Scale Figure Review

German Infantry, 1943–1945 1:72 Miniatures Caesar HB04.

Caesar 1:72 scale German infantry wearing the Zeltbahn M31 shelter half as camouflage. The Zeltbahn may be painted Flecktarn or Splittertarn.


34 Figures in 11 Poses – 23,5 mm equal 169 cm Height

  • NCO with MP 40, advancing (4)
  • Rifleman with Panzerfaust, firing (3)
  • Rifleman with MP 43 and Panzerfaust, gesticulating (1)
  • Rifleman with Karabiner 98k, advancing (2)
  • Rifleman with Karabiner 98k, standing, firing (4)
  • Rifleman with Karabiner 98k, kneeling, firing left (4)
  • Rifleman with Karabiner 98k, kneeling, firing (3)
  • Rifleman with Karabiner 98k, arming Stielhandgranate 24 (3)
  • Rifleman with Karabiner 98k, throwing Stielhandgranate 24 (3)
  • Rifleman with MP 43, moving, firing (4)
  • Rifleman with MP 43, standing, firing (3)


Excellent choice of subject, miniatures wearing the Zeltbahn M31 may be mixed with other German infantry of World-War Two to increase the number of different poses in a subunit. The shelter half is obviously worn here for reasons of camouflage, with the equipment above it, and not as rain protection over the equipment.

German Infantry with Karabiner 98k, 1943–1945 1:72 Miniatures Caesar HB04.

The set offers one NCO and many riflemen. Matching officers for this set might wear a tailor-made field blouse with Buntfarbenaufdruck camouflage pattern, or one of the SMG gunners may be converted by giving him a new head with an officers‘ Schirmmütze peaked cap or an old-style field cap, Offizierfeldmütze älterer Art.

Several steel helmets in this set are sculpted like medieval kettle hats, without the distinctive “coal scuttle” shape of the German Stahlhelm M35.

All of figures are wearing the Schnürschuhe ankle boots with canvas gaiters, which were introduced in 1943 to replace the Marschstiefel jackboots.

German Infantry with Panzerfaust and MP 43 assault rifle, 1943–1945 1:72 Miniatures Caesar HB04.

The gesticulating MP 43 gunner appears to be throwing his Panzerfaust like a stick grenade, or he is just holding the Panzerfaust awkwardly while giving hand and arm signals.

Compatible with ESCI, Hasegawa, Revell, and Reviresco.

Historical Employment

  • German Infantry, 1943–1945

Caesar German Infantry are perfect for supplementing other 1:72 scale Wehrmacht figure sets.

German Miniatures of World-War Two