Caput mortuum

Caput mortuum (lat., »dead head«), a term used by 18th century chemists to describe the non-volatile residue of distillations, especially the residue consisting of iron(III) oxide (colcothar) from the distillation of Nordhausen sulfuric acid, is used as a purple-tinged, violet-red paint (English red, brown red, vitriol red etc.).

Source: Brockhaus’ Kleines Konversations-Lexikon, 5. Auflage 1911

Single Pigment Colours

A small overview of red iron oxide (PR 101, PR 102) single pigment colours suitable for miniatures, models, and dioramas.

  • English Red (PR 101, opaque), Lascaux 964
  • Burnt Siena (PR 101, semi-opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.679
  • Red Iron Oxide (PR 101, opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.680
  • Oxide Brown Glaze (PR 101, transparent), PRIMAcryl 13.682