Leather Brown RAL 8027-F9

Leather Brown RAL 8027.

RAL 8027 »Leather Brown« in the foreground and Tamiya XF-68 »NATO Brown«, tinted with 30 % white, on a Revell Marder 1A3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle behind. Leather Brown RAL 8027-F9 along with Tar Black RAL 9021-F9 is one of the two disruptive colours of the Bundeswehr three-colour “Fleckentarnanstrich” camouflage pattern introduced in 1984; it is also used as a camouflage paste for special environments.

Leather Brown RAL 8027

  • Leather Brown RAL 8027, AK-Interactive AK-11110
  • Leather Brown RAL 8027-F9, AK-Interactive RC081
  • NATO Brown RAL 8027-F9, AK-Interactive AKI-11359
  • NATO Brown, A-MIG-085
  • FS 30051
  • Dust Brown, Gunze Aqueous H-456
  • NATO Brown RAL 8027, Mr. Paint MRP-079
  • Leather Brown, matt, Revell 361.84
  • NATO Brown, Tamiya XF-68
  • Leather Brown Surface Primer, Vallejo 70.626
  • Leather Brown RAL 8027, Vallejo Model Color 70.871
  • Leather Brown RAL 8027, Vallejo Model Air 71.249
  • Leather Brown, Vallejo Game Air 72.740

Mike Starmer recommends a mixture of 6 parts Leather Brown RAL 8027 and 5 parts Grey Green RAL 7008 as a match for »S.C.C. № 2 Brown« of the British Army in World-War Two.

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