Olive Drab

Olive Drab

Olive Drab (OD), the gray green to dark olive camouflage colour of British, American, and Allied vehicles, guns, weapons, equipment, and uniforms. US and British sources list about two dozen colours designated »Olive Drab« which range from a nearly black olive to light khaki colour, depending on the relevant paint formula, application, surface, and weathering.

  • Lustreless Olive Drab 319 – Colour No. 9 – the dark olive camouflage colour for US Army vehicles and equipment, 1917–1956.
  • Olive Drab No. 3 – dark olive colour of the US Army M1941 Field Jacket and M1943 Uniform; Vallejo 988 – Khaki.
  • Olive Drab No. 7 – the olive green colour of the US Army Herringbone-Twill Cotton Uniform, replaced by the »Olive Green 107« Uniform in 1952; Vallejo 893 – US Dark Green.
  • Dark Olive Drab 41 – darker shade of Olive Drab used by the USAAF, with infrared camouflage properties.
  • No.15 B.S.987C-1942 Olive Drab – base colour of the 1944 British »Mickey Mouse« camouflage pattern.

In the CMYK color model »Olive Drab« consists of 25% blue, 75% yellow, and 44% black.

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