Pike Grey

Pike Grey Colour.

Pike Grey (Ger. »Hechtgrau«), the colour of the sides of the pike or blue walleye, a mixture of white, black and a small amount of blue. The imperial Austrian Jägers wore a pike grey uniform with grass green facings throughout their existence. When camouflage became important in the early 20th century, the imperial Austrian line infantry also adopted pike grey. The pike grey uniform of the Tyrolean Jägers pictured above was mixed from PRIMAcryl 13.789 »Neutral Grey« and »Cobalt Blue light« by Schmincke, with enough »Zinc White« by Golden added to achieve the desired aerial perspective. Hats, boots, ammunition boxes and crossbelts are painted »neutral grey«, which looks black enough at this small scale.

Source: Pierer’s Universal-Lexikon 4. Auflage 1857–1865