Yellow Olive RAL 6014

Yellow Olive RAL 6014.

»Yellow Olive« RAL 6014 in the foreground and, tinted with 30 % white, on an ESCI 1:72 scale Leopard 1.A4 Main Battle Tank behind. Until 1984, »Yellow Olive« RAL 6014 was the dark olive base colour of Bundeswehr vehicles and equipment. The single-colour base coat could be adapted to specific terrain conditions by means of mud camouflage, using sandy loam. In winter, slaked lime was applied as snow camouflage. To this day, »Yellow Olive« RAL 6014 is a commercially available paint sold at hardware stores.

Yellow Olive RAL 6014

  • Gelboliv RAL 6014 (initial), AK-Interactive 086
  • Gelboliv RAL 6014 (late), AK-Interactive RC087
  • Gelboliv RAL 6014 (late), AK-Interactive AK-2172
  • Gelboliv RAL 6014, A-MIG-087
  • Gelboliv RAL 6014 NATO, Testors Model Master 2175
  • USAF Olive Drab FS 34088 (RLM 73, RAL 6014), Vallejo Model Air 71.016

In the mid-1980s, »Yellow Olive« RAL 6014 was replaced by the new three-colour »Fleckentarnanstrich« camouflage pattern.

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