Confederate Lynchburg Artillery

Confederate Lynchburg Artillery at the Reenactment of the Battle of Five Forks.

Lieutenant Schmittner and gunners of the Lynchburg Artillery during the reenactment of the Battle of Five Forks. The event took place on 3rd June 2000 on the grounds of the US Artillery Kaserne in Babenhausen, Germany. Confederate artillery fought against a superior force of Union infantry, dismounted cavalry and artillery. The rebel guns were overrun by federal infantry in the course of the fighting inside the woods. The thunder of the guns could be heard well outside the woods, and thick clouds of blue gun smoke came drifting out of the treeline. It was a very impressive event for the participants and spectators alike.


Roland Schmittner
Lieutenant, CS Artillery
Billingshäuser Str. 17
97225 Zellingen am Main

Lynchburg Artillery is recruiting new members. Anyone interested in joining or supporting the unit, please contact Lieutenant Roland Schmittner.

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