DBA Armies in 1:72 Scale

De Bellis Antiquitatis

elements of a DBA army deployed for battle.

De Bellis Intiquitatis (DBA) is a simple game systems for historic simulations with miniature armies from 3000 B.C. to 1485 A.D. Each DBA army consists of 12 figure stands, called elements in the rules. The number of miniatures on each stand are not important in DBA, although they do matter in other wargame rules using the DBA basing system. The figures are mounted on standardized DBA bases 60 mm wide. The depth of each figure stand is determined by the troop type deployed on it. The following is a list of DBA armies which may be raised using 1:72 scale figures and accessories.

DBA Armies in 1:72 Scale

This list is updated as new figures and vehicles are reviewed and found to be suitable for DBA wargames.

Ancient Miniatures