Italian Guard Grenadier, 1806

del Prado 1:30 Scale Figure Review

Italian Guard Grenadier, 1806, 1:30 Miniatures del Prado 016.

The uniform of del Prado’s Italian Guard Grenadier is based on an illustration by Otto Helms, a Hamburg Artist, which differs from uniform descriptions found in Knötel’s Manual of Uniformology. Accordingly, the grenadier cap may have had a white metal plate and a green plume. The Guard Grenadiers served in Eugène de Beauharnais’ Armée d’Italie in 1809.


The Italian Guard Grenadier looks very attractive in his green uniform with red facings.

The uniform is described as “dark green”, but del Prado chose a medium green colour for it. Some sources attribute the green plume with red tip to the elite Carabinier Company of the Guard Grenadiers, whereas the grenadiers wore a green plume.

The figure may be painted to represent a French Guard Grenadier.

Compatible with 1:30 scale King & Country military and civilian miniatures.

The Guard Grenadiers served in Lecchi’s Italian Guard Brigade of the Armée d’Italie in 1809, they fought at Raab and Wagram. In the course of the Russian campaign the Guard Grenadiers fought at the Battle of Malojaroslawez on 12 October 1812.

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