British M3 and M4 Medium Tanks

British Sherman Mk.V Medium Tank, 1:76 Model Kit Matchbox 40071.

Sherman V conversion of the Matchbox 1:76 scale Sherman VC (Firefly). The 17-pdr barrel has been cut back to represent the shorter 75 mm gun of the Sherman V tank. Combat vehicles operating within a unit would have to be as similar as possible in order to facilitate repairs and maintenance. From a logistical point of view it made sense to upgrade entire units to a new vehicle instead of mixing new and old equipment at the platoon or company level.

The table lists vehicle designations of American M3 and M4 medium tanks in British and Commonwealth service. To avoid confusion, paper designations of vehicles which were not actually supplied to the British army are not included in the list.

Vehicle 1:72 Scale Kit 1:76 Scale Kit
Lee I 1:72 Hasegawa MT4 1:76 Airfix
Unmodified M3 Medium Tank in British Service
Grant I 1:72 Hasegawa MT5 1:76 Airfix
M3 Medium Tank with British-designed turret and other modifications
Grant II
M3A3 or M3A5 Medium Tank with British-designed turret and other modifications
Ram I 1:76 Tandair Conversion Kit
Canadian Ram Cruiser Tank with 2-pdr gun. The Tandair conversion kit requires an M3 Lee/Grant lower hull and running gear.
Ram II 1:76 Tandair Conversion Kit
Canadian Ram Cruiser Tank with 6-pdr gun. Conversion as above.
Sherman I 1:76 Airfix 01303
M4 Medium Tank
Sherman IC (Firefly)
Sherman I with 17-pdr gun
Sherman Hybrid I
M4 Medium Tank with composite hull: Cast front, and welded rear.
Sherman Hybrid IC
Sherman Hybrid I with 17-pdr gun.
Sherman IB
M4(105) Medium Tank with 105 mm howitzer
Sherman II 1:72 ESCI 8308 1:76 Fujimi 76016
M4A1 Medium Tank
Sherman IIA 1:72 Revell 03102 1:76 Crusader Models CMB20
M4A1(76)W Medium Tank with 76 mm gun and wet ammunition stowage
Sherman III
M4A2 Medium Tank. Looks similar to the Sherman I, except that it does not have the rectangular air intake cover immediately behind the turret. Instead, the Sherman III has louvered hatch covers on the rear engine deck.
Sherman IIIA 1:76 MMS 940
M4A2(76)W Medium Tank. Only 5 vehicles supplied, not used operationally.
Sherman IV 1:76 ESCI 8064
M4A3 Medium Tank. Only 7 vehicles supplied, not used operationally.
Sherman V 1:76 Crusader Models CMB54
M4A4 Medium Tank. Conversion from the Matchbox Firefly kit is possible.
Sherman VC (Firefly) 1:76 Matchbox 40071
Sherman V with 17-pdr. gun.

The table list 1:72 and 1:76 scale model kits which match the official vehicle designations. Not every British Sherman is available in miniature yet, but it is hoped that the remaining gaps may be filled eventually.

Hanno Spoelstra

British Miniatures of World War Two