Arnhem, 1944

1:72 Scale Dioramas by Guy DeLillio

German armour regrouping near Venlo, Holland.

Arnhem, 1944 – Work in Progress

Guy DeLillio is an avid 1:72 scale modeller with a mission: recreating the Arnhem campaign in several miniature dioramas. We have asked Mr. DeLillio to keep the readers of Military Miniatures Magazine informed of the progress of this fascinating work, and here is his report. Figures and vehicles are from the collection of Mr. DeLillio.

There are no Panzers in Holland.
British infantry and paratroopers at Arnhem.
British infantry and paratroopers at Arnhem
Defense of the Bridge.
Defense of the Bridge

There are no Panzers in Holland, a 3 ft. × 3 ft. diorama of 107. Panzer Brigade regrouping near Venlo, Holland. The vehicles are primarily ESCI/ERTL Panthers Ausf. G with a mixture of modified Fujimi Sd.Kfz. 251 armoured personnel carriers, and Airfix softskins. The miniatures are ESCI/ERTL and Airfix German Fallschirmjäger, infantry, and logistics personnel. The 7.5 cm assault gun in the lower left corner is a rebuilt Fujimi amoured personnel carrier. The Bergepanther recovery vehicle in the top left corner is a conversion.

Departure for the Gelderlands shows seven C-47 transport planes of 38th Group, with elements of British 1st Parachute Division emplaning. The planes are Airfix, and they require a lot more detail work than expected. The airstrip is near completion.

This is the Wide Part, an aerial and ground level view of XXX Corps, bottlenecked south of Eindhoven. The vehicles and figures are completed. The diorama includes over 50 medium tanks, armoured cars, and related softskins.

Assemblage of Second Battalion, a ground view of Col. Frost playing his famous hunting horn in order to regroup his troops shortly after the landing. Mr. DeLillio recently painted more than 60 First Airborne figures purchased from Drew’s Militia, except for the figure depicting John Frost himself. The Horsa Gliders in this diorama will be scratch-built from wood, because plastic kits are no longer available in this scale. The diorama will also include a dozen modified jeeps, six-pounder anti-tank guns, and related support weapons.

Arnhem at Dusk is a night scene portraying the lead elements of 2nd Parachute Battalion walking towards the northern part of Arnhem Bridge. This diorama was inspired by one in the Hartenstein Museum which is often considered to be the mother of all dioramas. Seven feet long and four feet wide, the Hartenstein diorama is based on the classic Spitfire recon photograph of the northern end after the ill-fated German attack. Mr. DeLillio’s version of the bridge scene is 20 % along the way. The bridge itself is turning out to be quite a challenge.

Defense of the Bridge is a daylight scene with over 200 paratroopers shown in the act of defending Arnhem Bridge. The figures and vehicles are completed.

British Paratroops, 1942–1945