German Infantry and Tank Crew 1916–1919

EMHAR 1:72 Scale Figure Review

German Infantry and Tank Crew 1916–1919, World War One 1916–1919, 1:72 Miniatures EMHAR 7203.

This infantry and tank crew set is a welcome addition to the growing range of World War One miniatures available in 1:72 scale. The infantry figures are actually Sturmtruppen assault infantry which were first employed at Verdun. The system of using specially trained assault troops to lead flanking attacks against enemy trenches proved so successful that entire Sturmbataillone were deployed on the Western Front by 1918. These assault battalions consisted of four infantry assault companies, a 37 mm infantry gun battery, a trench mortar detachment, a flame thrower detachment, a heavy machine gun company, and headquarters elements. Sturmtruppen infantry teams were equipped with submachine guns, automatic pistols with long magazines, grenades and other assault equipment.


  • 48 Figures in 12 Poses – 24 mm Height equals 173 cm
    • Officer with Map
    • Officer with Binoculars
    • Officer with drawn Pistol
    • Grenadier throwing Handgrenade
    • Grenadier taking cover
    • Prone Sturmtruppen Infantrymen with automatic Pistol
    • Sturmtruppen Infantrymen with Submachine Gun
    • Sturmtruppen Infantrymen with Flame Thrower
    • Infantryman with leveled Bayonet
    • Infantryman with leveled Bayonet and Gasmask
    • Standing Tank Crewman with Wrench
    • Kneeling Tank Crewman with Wrench
German Infantry and Tank Crew, World War One 1916–1919, 1:72 Miniatures EMHAR 7203


Excellent choice of subject. The set includes Sturmtruppen Infantry and Tank Crewmen which had been unavailable in this scale.

Sculpted by Bill Farmer.

Compatible with Revell.

Detail and casting quality are not equal to the Italeri or Revell standard.

The steel helmets are modelled without the prominent pegs which were used to attach additional armour plate to protect the soldier’s forehead during trench warfare.

The sticks of the German stick grenades are modeled too short.

There is no magazine in the submachine gun.

Weapons and equipment items are not detailed enough.

Historical Employment

  • German Infantry and Sturmtruppen 1916–1919
  • German Tank Crew 1916–1918
  • Bulgarian Infantry 1941
  • Hungarian Infantry 1941

EMHAR German infantry is very useful for wargamers interested in simulating the action of German Sturmtruppen assault infantry on the Western Front.


German Infantry, 1914–1918