German Artillery and Heavy Machine Guns of World War One, 1916–1919

EMHAR 1:72 Scale Figure Review

German Artillery and Heavy Machine Guns of World War One, 1916–1919, 1:72 Miniatures EMHAR 7204.

The German Artillerymen and heavy Machine Gunners in this set are wearing the steel helmet M.1916, only the officer figure has retained the earlier Pickelhaube with camouflage cloth cover. The miniatures may be converted to cover the 1914 to 1916 period of the war by mounting new heads with the Pickelhaube helmet taken from Airfix WW1 German infantry. The Krupp field gun M.96 n.A. consists of nine parts which should be soldered or superglued together carefully. It is a very useful model of the most common field gun in German service during the early years of the war. The 7.7 cm Feldkanone M.96 n.A. continued to serve in the Polish, Lithuanian, Estonian and Livonian army until the 1930’s when it was replaced by more modern equipment.


  • 24 Figures in 6 Poses – 24 mm Height equals 173 cm
    • Officer with Pickelhaube
    • Standing Artilleryman with Shell
    • Kneeling Artilleryman with Shell
    • Machine Gunner with s.MG (heavy Machine Gun)
    • Standing Sniper
    • Standing Rifleman in Greatcoat
  • Two 7.7 cm L.23 Feldkanonen M.96 n.A. (Krupp)
German Artillery and heavy Machine Guns, World War One 1916–1919, 1:72 Miniatures EMHAR 7204


Excellent choice of subject. German field artillery of World War One was not previously available in this scale.

Suitable historic poses of artillerymen and heavy machine gunners.

Sculpted by Bill Farmer.

Assembly instructions on the back of the box.

Compatible with ESCI, Hasegawa, Revell, and Reviresco.

Visible flash needs to be removed prior to painting.

Obvious mould lines across helmets.

The separate leg of the machine gun tripod is difficult to attach, because the soft plastic cannot be glued securely.

There is no assistant machine gunner in the set.

There are no seated artillerymen to fit the gun model.

Ammunition boxes and individual shells are not included in the kit.

Limbers and limber horses are not included.

Historical Employment

  • German Artillerymen 1916–1918
  • German heavy Machine Gunners 1916–1919
  • Bulgarian Artillerymen 1941
  • Hungarian Artillerymen 1941

The EMHAR artillerymen and heavy machine gunners are particularly useful for wargamers and diorama builders.


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77 mm Field Gun M.96 n.A. (Krupp)