Wehrmacht Entrenching Tool

German Wehrmacht Entrenching Tool, 1:32 ESCI 5504.

The Wehrmacht Feldspaten entrenching tool differs from its predecessor, the field spade model 1898, in that the blade is no longer riveted, but welded. Instead of the reinforced step of the M98 model, which is riveted to the blade, the step of the Wehrmacht spade is completely beaded.

Depending on the design, the entrenching tool carrier has one or two leather or canvas belt loops that are slipped onto the belt, and a long, diagonal buckle strap that is wrapped around the spade handle. This buckle strap is long enough to also hold the steel scabbard of the Sidearm 84/98 III in place on the entrenching tool carrier. The ESCI 1:32 scale German infantrymen pictured above clearly demonstrate how the sidearm is carried on the entrenching tool carrier. Of course, neither of these two figures would normally be equipped with the SG 84/98 III, because German submachine gunners and machine gunners No. 1 did not carry a bayonet in combat.

Technical Specifications

  • Total Length: 55 cm
  • Helve: 40 cm
  • Blade Height: 20 cm
  • Blade Width: 15 cm

Many 1:76 and 1:72 scale miniatures are missing the Feldspaten entrenching tool. A mistake we correct in our tutorial Entrenching Tool and Bayonet for German Paratroops.

Entrenching Tool