British Paratroops, 1942–1945

ESCI 1:72 Scale Figure Review

British Paratroops, 1944, 1:72 Miniatures ESCI 8034.

ESCI 1:72 scale British Paratroops from the same sculptor who produced the superb 1:32 scale Airfix paras. Some of the figures are identical to their Airfix comrades, others are posed differently, and some are unique to this kit. The PIAT gunner is a nice addition, and the charging para seems to be right out of an Arnhem photo. The advancing para with fixed bayonet is not included in this kit, even though this is one of the best poses of the old Airfix figure set. Perhaps the bayonet would have turned out too thin in this scale and the pose could not be included in this kit.


  • 13 Figures in 8 Poses – 24 mm equal 173 cm Height
    • Para Officer with Sten SMG (1)
    • Para NCO with Sten, throwing Grenade (1)
    • Para Radio Operator (1)
    • Para prone, firing PIAT (1)
    • Para № 1 Bren with Bren LMG (1)
    • Para standing, firing Rifle (3)
    • Para kneeling, firing Rifle (3)
    • Para charging, firing Sten SMG (2)
  • Radio (1)
  • Rucksack (13)
  • Entrenching Tool in its Carrier, Entrenching Tool (5)
  • Figure Bases (12)
  • Separate Weapons (10)
ESCI British Paratroops 1944


Excellent choice of subject, several of these ESCI figures, wearing the Smock, Denison, Airborne Troops over Battledress, with 1937 Pattern Web Equipment, and Helmet Steel Airborne Troops (HSAT), are based on the superb 1:32 scale Airfix British Paratroops.

The Bren gunner and NCO throwing a grenade are the same as the Airfix 1:32 scale miniatures, except that they have no camouflage on their helmets. This is an unfortunate omission, the camouflaged helmets look great on the Airfix paras. The other figures in the set seem to be from same sculptor, even if they are posed differently than their Airfix comrades.

The officer is sculpted in a more dynamic and less stoically British pose than his Airfix 1:32 scale counterpart. He also looks shorter and much stockier.

Compatible with Airfix, and Revell.

The separate rifles and Sten SMGs are rather fragile, they need to be removed from the sprue very carefully.

The Bren gun barrel thickens towards the muzzle, because it would otherwise turn out very thin and be liable to breakage in this small scale.

Given a choice, wargamers and diorama builders probably would have preferred this figure set in 1:72 scale soft plastic, because polyethylene figures are much cheaper than polystyrene kits, and they require no assembly.

These 1:72 scale ESCI paratroops are a welcome addition to the growing range of British Paratroops of World War Two, and it is unfortunate that they are no longer on the market.

ESCI Miniatures

British Paratroops, 1942–1945