Pattern 1756 Light Infantry Fusil

British Pattern 1756 Light Infantry Fusil, 1:76 Airfix 01713.

The Pattern 1756 Light Infantry Fusil, a lightened version of the Short Land Pattern Musket, was issued to light infantry and fusiliers. Privately purchased officers‘ fusils were outwardly similar, but better made.

The Airfix 1:76 scale Confederate Infantryman above may be converted to represent a British light infantry officer of the American Revolutionary War period, as is shown in our tutorial “Officer Conversion, British Light Infantry, 1777”. He is wearing a short jacket similar to the waistcoat with added sleeves adopted by British light infantry in 1777, officers‘s boots, and a partially cocked hat, to which green, red or black feathers might be added. This officer needs a haircut, and his missing wings may be sculpted from Green Stuff or Milliput.

Technical Specifications

  • Pattern 1756 Light Infantry Fusil
  • Type: muzzle-loading smoothbore Flintlock Musket
  • Overall Length: 58.5 inches (1,486 mm)
  • Barrel Length: 42 inches (1,067 mm)
  • Calibre: .62 to .66 inches (16 to 17 mm)
  • Bayonet: 17-inch triangular cross-section Blade, 4-inch cylindrical Shank

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