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Imperial Infantry of the Thirty years’ War. Painted by Benno de Groot.

Military Miniatures Magazine presents talented miniature artists, modellers, diorama builders, and sculptors who would like to have their work featured in our online publication. Readers of Military Miniatures Magazine are welcome to nominate miniature artists who deserve their own Military Miniatures Gallery section within our magazine. If you are the artist in question, you may nominate yourself, of course. Please send a sample photo of your work, and answer the questions below to introduce yourself. The editors of Military Miniatures Magazine will evaluate your work and notify you if you have been chosen as the featured artist of the month.

Questionaire for upcoming Feature Artists

  1. Name?
  2. Date of Birth?
  3. Occupation?
  4. City, Country?
  5. When did you start painting miniatures?
  6. Who inspired you to pick up the hobby?
  7. How many figures and models do you own?
  8. How many figures and models have you painted?
  9. Which historical period do you prefer?
  10. Which diorama have you built?
  11. Which period of wargaming do you prefer?
  12. Do you offer a painting service?
  13. What else do we need to know about you?

You are welcome to write a brief introduction, describing yourself and your miniature work, which may be published on your personal Military Miniatures Gallery page.

We look forward to hearing from you

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