Gas Mask Canister

German Wehrmacht Gas Mask Canister, 1:32 ESCI 5504.

The metal gas mask canister of the German Wehrmacht was 280 mm long and had a diameter of 125 mm. Like other Kleingerät (small equipment) of the Wehrmacht, the gas mask canister was painted »Field Grey No. 2«, »Field Grey No. 3, or »Dark Grey No. 46«, or »Aviator Blue Grey RAL 7016« in the Luftwaffe.

The ESCI 1:32 scale German infantrymen pictured above are wearing the gas mask canister incorrectly, apparently attached to the belt, but clearly not on its shoulder strap across the right shoulder. This mistake is often seen on miniatures, and it is most obvious when the canister is worn nearly horizontally, rather than at a 20° angle.

German Miniatures of World-War Two