Light Olive

Humbrol 86

Light Olive, Humbrol 86.

Humbrol 86 »Light Olive« compared to Humbrol 114 »Russian Green« and Revell 36.361 »Olive Green RAL 6003«, the equivalent of British Army »Light Green № 5«. When handled, Humbrol’s dull and rather chalky matt paints quickly absorb skin fat and become greasy, as illustrated by the paint chit in the center, which is only two days old. The shiny areas are darker, giving the painted surface a blotchy appearance.

Humbrol 86 »Light Olive« is the equivalent of »Light Green G5« tinted with 10 % white, it may be applied straight from the jar.

Humbrol 86 »Light Olive«, 78 »Cockpit Green (RAF)«, 160 »German Camouflage Red Brown«, and 33 »Black« are the four colours recommended in the Airfix A04701 British Forces Quad Bikes & Crew painting guide for British Army Woodland DPM camouflage pattern uniforms. »Light Olive« appears to be too dark for this purpose, it barely contrasts with »Cockpit Green (RAF)«. For a better match, 86 »Light Olive« needs to be heavily tinted with beige.

Humbrol 86 »Light Olive« is noticeably lighter than Airfix M21 »Light Olive«.

Olive Green