Dark Green/Army Forest Green

Humbrol 116

US Dark Green, FS 34079 Dark Green/Army Forest Green, ANA 631, Humbrol 116.

Humbrol Acrylfarbe 116 »FS 34079 Dark Green/Army Forest Green«, identical to Humbrol Authentic Colour HU7 »Forest Green (U.S.A.F. Vietnam)«, in the foreground and 383 CARC Green (FS 34094 Flat Green) on a CDC 1:72 scale US Marine Corps LAV-25 behind.

Humbrol 116 »US Dark Green« matches the base colour № 13 B.S.987C-1942 »Jungle Green« for vehicles and equipment of the British Army in Burma 1942.

FS 34102 »Medium Green«, FS 34079 »Forest Green«, FS 30219 »Dark Tan« are the three colours of the U.S. Air Force camouflage pattern for South East Asia, used on F-4C Phantom II deployed to Vietname, for example. The underside of these fighter-bombers was painted FS 36622 »Light Grey«.

Humbrol 116 »US Dark Green« matches the base colour »Forest Green« of MERDC camouflage patterns »Summer, US & Europe, verdant«, »Winter, US & Europe, verdant«, »Snow, Temperate, with Trees and Shrubs«, and »Tropics, verdant« of the 1970s, which were replaced in the mid-1980s by the new US Army three-colour camouflage pattern.

Humbrol 116 »US Dark Green« matches RAL 6031-F9 »Bronze Green«, the base colour of the three-colour NATO camouflage pattern.

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