Humbrol Acrylic Paints

Humbrol Acrylic Paints.

Humbrol Acrylic Paints, now supplied in plastic pots (ABxxxx) or dropper bottles (DBxxxx) of 14 ml content, was originally sold in stable plastic kegs of the 50xx series with a content of 30 ml. The plastic used appears to be completely gas-tight, but suffers from plastic corrosion when exposed to UV radiation: at our editorial offices we have a keg of Humbrol 5030 dark green that was bought in 1997 and opened, the contents of which are in excellent condition. The pigment had settled on the bottom of the container and clumped together over time, but the paint could still be stirred to a perfect consistency in 2021.

The packaging does not provide any information about the pigments that are contained in a particular colour, whether it is a single pigment colour or a mixed pigment colour. Without this information, it is difficult to predict how a colour will perform when glazed over or mixed with another colour.

Humbrol Acrylic Paints

No. Designation Compatibility
AB0001 Grey Primer Grey
AB0002 Emerald
AB0003 Brunswick Green Airfix G5, Tamiya XF-5
AB0005 Dark Admiralty Grey
AB0006 Pale Cream
AB0007 Light Buff Buff
AB0008 Yellow
AB0009 Tan Tan
AB0010 Service Brown
AB0011 Silver
AB0012 Copper
AB0014 French Blue Vallejo 71.004
AB0015 Midnight Blue
AB0016 Gold
AB0018 Orange
AB0019 Bright Red
AB0020 Crimson Crimson
AB0021 Black, gloss Black
AB0022 White, gloss
DB0023 Duck Egg Blue Airfix M16
AB0024 Trainer Yellow
AB0025 Blue
AB0026 Khaki
AB0027 Sea Grey
AB0028 Camouflage Grey
AB0029 Dark Earth
AB0030 Dark Green Slate № 34
AB0031 Slate Grey
AB0032 Dark Grey
AB0033 Black
AB0034 White
AB0035 Gloss Varnish
AB0036 Pastel Green
AB0037 Spring Green
AB0038 Lime
AB0040 Pale Grey Airfix G14
AB0041 Ivory Ivory
AB0042 Violet Violet
AB0044 Pastel Blue
AB0045 Dark Pink Pink
AB0046 Orange
AB0047 Sea Blue
AB0048 Mediterranean Blue
AB0049 Matt Varnish
AB0050 Green Mist
AB0051 Sunset Red
AB0052 Baltic Blue, metallic
AB0053 Gunmetal
AB0054 Brass
AB0055 Bronze
AB0056 Aluminium
AB0057 Pastel Pink
AB0058 Magenta
AB0060 Scarlet
AB0061 Flesh, matt Flesh
AB0062 Leather
AB0063 Sand Humbrol HM2
AB0064 Light Grey
AB0065 Aircraft Blue
AB0066 Olive Drab Humbrol HM3
AB0067 Tank Grey RAL 7024
AB0068 Purple
AB0069 Yellow
AB0070 Brick Red
AB0071 Oak
AB0072 Khaki Drill Humbrol HM8
AB0073 Wine
AB0074 Linen Airfix M14, Humbrol MC25
AB0075 Bronze Green
AB0076 Uniform Green
AB0077 Navy Blue Humbrol HM10
AB0078 Cockpit Green (RAF) Airfix M20
AB0079 Blue Grey
AB0080 Grass Green Humbrol HS206; Airfix M26
AB0081 Pale Yellow
AB0082 Orange Lining
AB0083 Ochre Ochre
AB0084 Mid Stone
AB0085 Coal Black
AB0086 Light Olive Light Green № 5
AB0087 Steel Grey
AB0088 Deck Green
AB0089 Middle Blue
AB0090 Beige Green
AB0091 Black Green RLM 70
AB0092 Iron Grey
AB0093 Desert Yellow Yellow Brown RAL 8000
AB0094 Brown Yellow
AB0095 Concrete
AB0096 RAF Blue
AB0097 Eggshell
AB0098 Chocolate Humbrol HR102
AB0099 Lemon Airfix M15, Tamiya XF-3
AB0100 Red Brown
AB0101 Mid Green, Dragoon Green Grass Green
AB0102 Army Green
AB0103 Cream
AB0104 Oxford Blue
AB0105 Marine Green RAL 6003
AB0106 Ocean Grey
AB0107 WWI Purple Caput mortuum, 1×Hu68 + 2×Hu29
AB0108 WWI Green Chromoxidgrün
AB0109 WWI Blue Prussian Blue
AB0110 Natural Wood Humbrol MC24
AB0111 Uniform Grey
AB0112 Tarmac
AB0113 Rust
AB0114 Russian Green Model Master 4807
AB0115 Russian Blue
AB0116 US Dark Green FS 34079; Humbrol HU7
AB0117 US Light Green
AB0118 US Tan
AB0119 US Light Earth
AB0120 Light Green
AB0121 Pale Stone
AB0122 Pale Blue
AB0123 Extra Dark Sea Grey
AB0124 Petrol Blue
AB0125 US Dark Grey FS 36118
AB0126 US Medium Grey
AB0127 US Ghost Grey
AB0128 US Compass Grey
AB0129 US Gull Grey
AB0130 White, satin
AB0131 Mid Green
AB0132 Red
AB0133 Brown
AB0134 Blue
AB0135 Varnish, satin
AB0140 Gull Grey
AB0141 Light Sea Grey
AB0142 Field Drab Vallejo 70.873
AB0144 Intermediate Blue
AB0145 Medium Grey
AB0146 Aircraft Grey
AB0147 Light Grey
AB0148 Radome Tan
AB0149 Dark Green
AB0150 Forest Green
AB0151 Interior Green
AB0153 Insignia Red
AB0154 Insignia Yellow
AB0155 Olive Drab
AB0156 Dark Camouflage Grey
AB0157 Azure Blue
AB0158 Interior Green
AB0159 Khaki Drab Humbrol HM7
AB0160 German Camouflage Red Brown RAL 8017
AB0161 US Marine Corps Green Humbrol HP5
AB0162 Surface Grey
AB0163 Dark Green
AB0164 Dark Sea Grey
AB0165 Medium Sea Grey
AB0166 Light Aircraft Grey
AB0167 RAF Barley Grey
AB0168 Hemp
AB0169 Yellow Facing Humbrol MC2
AB0170 Brown Bestial
AB0171 Antique Bronze, metallic Humbrol MC19
AB0172 Green
AB0173 Track Colour
AB0174 Signal Red
AB0175 Hellgrau 76
AB0176 Neutral Grey
AB0177 Hull Red
AB0178 British Scarlet Humbrol MC1
AB0179 French Artillery Green French Artillery Green
AB0180 Red Leather Humbrol MC29
AB0181 Sea Blue
AB0182 Black Grey
AB0183 Grey FS 16440
AB0184 Freight Stock Grey
AB0186 Brown
AB0187 Dark Stone
AB0188 Chrome Yellow Chrome Yellow
AB0189 Insignia Blue
AB0190 Blue Angel Blue
AB0191 Chrome Silver, metallic
AB0192 Blaze Matt
AB0193 Blaze Gloss
AB0194 Saturn Yellow Gloss
AB0195 Dark Green
AB0196 Light Grey
AB0197 Lufthansa Yellow RAL 1028
AB0198 Lufthansa Blue RAL 5022
AB0200 Pink
AB0201 Metallic Black
AB0202 Aurora Pink Matt
AB0203 Signal Green Matt
AB0204 Saturn Yellow Matt
AB0205 Fire Orange Matt
AB0206 Base White
AB0207 Aurora Pink Gloss
AB0208 Signal Green Gloss
AB0209 Fluorescent Fire Orange
AB0220 Italian Red
AB0221 Garter Blue
AB0222 Moonlight Blue
AB0224 Dark Slate Grey
AB0225 Middle Stone
AB0226 Interior Green
AB0230 P.R.U. Blue
AB0234 Dark Flesh
AB0237 Desert Tan
AB0238 Arrow Red
AB0239 British Racing Green Humbrol R303
AB0240 RLM 02 Grau Vallejo 70.886
AB0241 RLM 70 Schwarzgrau
AB0242 RLM 71 Dunkelgrün
AB0243 RLM 72 Grün
AB0244 RLM 73 Grün
AB0245 RLM 74 Graugrün
AB0246 RLM 75 Grauviolett
AB0247 RLM 76 Lichtblau
AB0248 RLM 78 Himmelblau Sky Blue
AB0249 RLM 79 Sandgelb
AB0250 Desert Sand
AB0251 RLM 81 Dunkelbraun
AB0252 RLM 82 Olivgrün Olive Green
AB0253 RLM 83 Dunkelgrün Dark blue, not dark green!
Based on recent research, RLM 83 appears to have been a dark blue hue used to camouflage the upper surfaces of naval reconnaissance and fighter aircraft.

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