Humbrol Authentic Colours

Caution: paints and wood stains sold in the European Union before 01 March 2022, may contain Methylethyl Ketone Oxime – MEKO, which has been classified as a Carcinogen of Category 1B.

Humbrol Authentic Colours.

Humbrol Authentic Colours, a series of authentic colours for specific applications in model making, launched in 1967. Initially, sets with six Authentic Colours paint tins each appeared, e.g. »Royal Air Force (Europa)«, »Luftwaffe«, »U.S.A.F. (Army and Navy)«, »British Napoleonic«, »Military Equipment« for artillery pieces of the Napoleonic Wars, »Ancient«, »British Rail« etc., which were also available individually from the mid-1970s. In 1981, 36 new shades were added. Humbrol Authentic Colours enamel paints were dropped from the range in 1989, but interesting leftover inventory of these colours can still be found by browsing in model shops.

The packaging does not provide any information about the pigments that are contained in a particular colour, whether it is a single pigment colour or a mixed pigment colour. Without this information, it is difficult to predict how a colour will perform when glazed over or mixed with another colour.

Humbrol Authentic Colours

No. Description Compatibility
HB1 Dark Green (RAF Europe)
HB2 Dark Earth (RAF Europe)
HB3 Ocean Grey (RAF Europe)
HB4 Duck Egg Blue (RAF Europe)
HB5 Sky (RAF Europe)
HB6 Medium Sea Grey (RAF Europe)
HG1 Schwarzgrün RLM 70 (Luftwaffe)
HG2 Dunkelgrün RLM 71 (Luftwaffe)
HG3 Hellgrau RLM 76 (Luftwaffe)
HG4 Dunkelgrau RLM 74 (Luftwaffe)
HG5 Hellblau RLM 65 (Luftwaffe) Vallejo 71.008
HG6 Grau RLM 2 (Luftwaffe)
HG11 Mittelgrau RLM 75 (Luftwaffe)
HG12 Sandbraun RLM 79 (Luftwaffe)
HG13 Himmelblau RLM 78 (Luftwaffe) Sky Blue
HG14 Olivgrün RLM 80 (Luftwaffe) Olive Green
HG15 Dunkelbraun RLM 61 (Luftwaffe)
HG16 Braunviolett RLM 81 (Luftwaffe)
HG17 Dunkelgrün RLM 82 (Luftwaffe)
HU1 Medium Green 42 (U.S.A.F.)
HU2 Olive Drab 41 (U.S.A.F.)
HU3 Neutral Grey 43 (U.S.A.F.)
HU4 Non Specular Sea Blue (U.S.A.F.)
HU5 Intermediate Blue (U.S.A.F.)
HU6 Light Grey (U.S.A.F.)
HU13 Azure Blue ANA 609 (U.S.)
HU14 Blue FS 35414 (U.S.)
HU15 Blue FS 35109 (U.S.)
HU16 Blue FS 35164 (U.S.)
HU17 Green FS 34258 (U.S.)
HU18 Brown FS 30118 (U.S.)
HU19 Blue FS 25237 (U.S.)
HU20 Grey FS 36251 (U.S.)
HU21 Grey FS 36307 (U.S.)
HU22 Blue Grey ANA 603 (U.S.) ANA 603 war Sea Grey
HU23 Semi-Gloss Sea Blue ANA 606 (U.S.)
HU24 Glossy Sea Blue ANA 623 (U.S.)
HU25 Dark Gull Grey FS 36231 (U.S.)
USN1 Dark Grey FS 36118 (U.S. Navy)
USN2 Medium Grey FS 36270 (U.S. Navy)
USN3 Light Compass Ghost Grey FS 36375 (U.S.N.)
USN4 Dark Compass Ghost Grey FS 36320 (U.S.N.)
USN5 Light Gull Grey FS 36440 (U.S. Navy)
USN6 White FS 37875 (U.S. Navy)
USM1 U.S. Marine Corps Field Green FS 34097
HB5 Sky (Fleet Air Arm)
HB7 Extra Dark Sea Grey (Fleet Air Arm)
HB8 Dark Slate Grey (Fleet Air Arm) Russ. Nap. Uniform
HB9 Sea Blue Gloss (Fleet Air Arm)
HB10 Night Black (Fleet Air Arm)
HB11 Underside White (Fleet Air Arm)
HB2 Dark Earth (RAF Oversees)
HB10 Night Black (RAF Oversees)
HB11 Underside White (RAF Oversees) Humbrol 34
HB12 Mid Stone (RAF Oversees)
HB13 Azure Blue (RAF Oversees)
HB14 Airframe Silver (RAF Oversees)
HF1 Kaki (Armée de l’Air)
HF2 Vert (Armée de l’Air)
HF3 Terre Foncée (Armée de l’Air)
HF4 Gris Bleu Clair (Armée de l’Air)
HF5 Gris Bleu (Armée de l’Air)
HF6 Chocolat (Armée de l’Air)
HI2 Upper Green (Regia Aeronautica)
HI3 Overall Green (Regia Aeronautica)
HI4 Sand (Regia Aeronautica)
HI5 Grey (Regia Aeronautica)
HI6 Insignia White (Regia Aeronautica)
HJ1 Green N.1 (Japanese Air Force)
HJ2 Grey A/N.2 (Japanese Air Force)
HJ3 Green A.3 (Japanese Air Force)
HJ4 Mauve N.9 (Japanese Air Force)
HJ5 Brown N.17 (Japanese Air Force)
HJ6 Silver A.6 (Japanese Air Force)
HU7 Forest Green FS 34079 (U.S.A.F. Vietnam) Humbrol 116
HU8 Medium Green FS 34102 (U.S.A.F. Vietnam) Pactra A33
HU9 Dark Tan FS 30219 (U.S.A.F. Vietnam) Tan
HU10 Light Grey FS 36622 (U.S.A.F. Vietnam)
HU11 Airframe White (U.S.A.F. Vietnam)
HU12 Night Black (U.S.A.F. Vietnam)
HM1 8th Army Desert Yellow (Mil. Veh.)
HM2 Afrika Korps Desert Yellow (Mil. Veh.) Sand
HM3 US Olive Drab (Mil. Veh.) Humbrol 66
HM4 German Panzer Grey (Mil. Veh.)
HB1 Dark Green (Mil. Veh.)
HB2 Dark Earth (Mil. Veh.)
HN1 Light Grey (Navy)
HN2 Dark Grey (Navy) Humbrol 67
HN3 Deck Green (Navy)
HN4 Deck Bleached Teak (Navy)
HN5 Hull Red (Navy)
HN6 Black (Navy)
HB15 RFC Green (WW1 Aircraft)
HB16 Clear Doped Linen (WW1 Aircraft) Beige
HG7 German Pale Yellow (WW1 Aircraft)
HG8 German Green (WW1 Aircraft)
HG9 German Purple (WW1 Aircraft) Humbrol 107
HG10 German Light Blue (WW1 Aircraft)
HX1 Dark Green (RAF / NATO)
HX2 Dark Sea Grey (RAF / NATO)
HX3 P.R.U. Blue (RAF / NATO)
HX4 Sea Grey Medium (RAF / NATO)
HX5 Light Aircraft Grey (RAF / NATO)
HX6 Extra Dark Sea Grey (RAF / NATO)
HT1 Topside Green (Soviet Air Force)
HT2 Underside Blue (Soviet Air Force)
HT3 Surface Grey (Soviet Air Force)
HT4 Subframe Grey (Soviet Air Force)
HT5 Marker Red (Soviet Air Force)
HT6 Insignia Yellow (Soviet Air Force)
HC1 Fitting Copper (Sailing Ships)
HC2 Hull Black (Sailing Ships)
HC3 Sail White (Sailing Ships)
HC4 Deck Plank (Sailing Ships)
HC5 Mast Oak (Sailing Ships)
HC6 Marker Yellow (Sailing Ships)
HD1 Aircraft Grey Green (Cockpit)
HD2 Bright Green (Cockpit)
HD3 Night Blue (Cockpit)
HD4 Zinc Chromate Primer (Cockpit)
HD5 Interior Green ANA 611 (Cockpit)
HG6 Grau RLM 2 (Cockpit)
HP1 German Overall Sand (WW2 Armour) RAL 7028, Humbrol 83
HP2 German Camouflage Rotbraun (WW2 Armour) RAL 8017, Humbrol 160
HP3 German Camouflage Olivgrün (WW2 Armour) RAL 6003, Humbrol 117
HP4 Brit. Army Deep Bronze Green (WW2 Armour)
HP5 US Marine Corps Green (WW2 Armour) Humbrol 161
HS215 Track Colour (WW2 Armour)
HM5 Field Blue (Field Uniform)
HM6 Field Grey (Field Uniform)
HM7 Khaki Drab (Field Uniform) Humbrol 159
HM8 Khaki Drill (Field Uniform) Humbrol 72
HM10 Navy Blue (Field Uniform)
HM11 Black (Field Uniform)
HM9 Scarlet (Dress Uniform)
HM12 Dark Blue (Dress Uniform)
HM13 Dark Green (Dress Uniform)
HM14 Crimson (Dress Uniform) Crimson
HM15 Flesh (Dress Uniform)
HM16 White (Dress Uniform)
HM11 Black (Equipment)
HM17 Gun Metal (Equipment) Humbrol 53
HM18 Brass (Equipment)
HM19 Dark Wood (Equipment)
HM20 Silver Plate (Equipment)
HM21 Leather (Equipment)
MC1 British Scarlet (Brit. Nap.) Humbrol 178
MC2 Yellow Facings (Brit. Nap.) Humbrol 169
MC3 Rifle Green (Brit. Nap.) Vallejo 70.896
MC4 British Grey (Brit. Nap.)
MC5 British Crimson (Brit. Nap.) Crimson
MC6 Brown Bess (Brit. Nap.)
MC7 Dragoon Green (French/Pruss. Nap.) Dragoon Green
MC8 French Blue (French/Pruss. Nap.) Parisian or Prussian Blue
MC9 Sky Blue (French/Pruss. Nap.)
MC10 Polish Crimson (French/Pruss. Nap.) Howard Hues 1534
MC11 Orange Facings (French/Pruss. Nap.)
MC12 Prussian Dragoon Blue (French/Pruss. Nap.)
MC13 White (Figures)
MC14 Black (Figures)
MC15 Flesh (Figures)
MC16 Gold (Figures)
MC17 Silver (Figures)
MC18 Brass (Figures)
MC19 Antique Bronze (Military Equipment) Humbrol 171
MC20 British Equipment Grey (Military Equipment) British Artillery Grey
MC21 French Artillery Green (Military Equipment) French Artillery Green
MC22 Chestnut Brown (Military Equipment)
MC23 Gun Metal (Military Equipment) Vallejo 71.072
MC24 Natural Wood (Military Equipment) Humbrol 110
MC25 Unbleached Linen (Ancient) Vallejo 71.074, Humbrol 74, Tamiya XF-88
MC26 Royal Purple (Ancient) Purple
MC27 Hardened Leather (Ancient)
MC28 Green Leather (Ancient)
MC29 Red Leather (Ancient) Humbrol 180
MC30 Unbleached Wool (Ancient)
HR101 Loco Green (L.N.E.R.)
HR110 Red Oxide (L.N.E.R.)
HR118 Garter Blue (L.N.E.R.)
HR143 Brown (L.N.E.R.)
HR145 Dirty Black (L.N.E.R.)
HR217 Steel (L.N.E.R.)
HR103 Lining Cream (L.M.S.)
HR107 Wagon Grey (L.M.S.)
HR116 Loco Crimson Lake (L.M.S.) Crimson Lake
HR144 Coach Red (L.M.S.)
HR145 Dirty Black (L.M.S.)
HR217 Steel (L.M.S.)
HR102 Coach Stock Chocolate (G.W.R.) Humbrol 98
HR103 Lining Cream (G.W.R.)
HR104 Standard Loco Green (G.W.R.)
HR105 Freight Stock Grey (G.W.R.)
HR110 Indian Red (G.W.R.)
HR145 Dirty Black (G.W.R.)
HR106 Green Malachite (S.R. Southern Railway)
HR113 Stock Green (S.R. Southern Railway)
HR140 Olive Green (S.R. Southern Railway)
HR142 Wagon Brown (S.R. Southern Railway)
HR145 Dirty Black (S.R. Southern Railway)
HR217 Steel (S.R. Southern Railway)
HR112 Interior Paint Stone (Brit. Rail Passenger)
HR113 Multi-Stock Unit Green (Brit. Rail Passenger)
HR114 Coach Stock Cream (Brit. Rail Passenger)
HR132 Orange Lining (Brit. Rail Passenger)
HR135 Blue (Brit. Rail Passenger)
HR136 Grey (Brit. Rail Passenger)
HR104 Green (Brit. Rail Freight)
HR109 Roof Paint Lead (Brit. Rail Freight)
HR110 Freight Stock Red Bauxite (Brit. Rail Freight)
HR111 Freight Stock Grey (Brit. Rail Freight)
HR137 Red (Brit. Rail Freight)
HR145 Dirty Black (Brit. Rail Freight)
HR146 Purpurrot RAL 3004 (DB Set 1) Purple
HR147 Kobaltblau RAL 5013 (DB Set 1) Cobalt Blue
HR148 Chromoxidgrün RAL 6020 (DB Set 1)
HR149 Umbragrau RAL 7022 (DB Set 1)
HR150 Rotbraun RAL 8012 (DB Set 1)
HR151 Tiefschwarz RAL 9005 (DB Set 1)
HR152 Schwarzgrau RAL 7021 (DB Set 2)
HR153 Erdbeerrot RAL 3018 (DB Set 2)
HR154 Kieselgrau RAL 7032 (DB Set 2)
HR155 Grünblau RAL 5001 (DB Set 2)
HR156 Blutorange RAL 2002 (DB Set 2)
HR157 Altes Metall (DB Set 2)
HS202 Concrete (Scenic Set 1)
HS205 Foliage (Scenic Set 1)
HS206 Grass Green (Scenic Set 1) Humbrol 80; Airfix M26
HS209 Tarmac (Scenic Set 1)
HS215 Track Colour (Scenic Set 1)
HS216 Rust (Scenic Set 1)
HS217 Steel (Scenic Set 2)
HS220 Signal Yellow (Scenic Set 2)
HS221 Signal Red (Scenic Set 2)
HS228 White (Scenic Set 2)
HS230 Brass (Scenic Set 2)
HS231 Copper (Scenic Set 2)
R301 French Racing Blue (Racing Set 1)
R302 Mustang Yellow (Racing Set 1)
R303 B.R.M. Green (Racing Set 1) Humbrol 239
R304 Mercedes White (Racing Set 1)
R305 Daytona Orange (Racing Set 1)
R306 Porsche Silver (Racing Set 1)
R307 Racing Black (Racing Set 2)
R308 Ferrari Red (Racing Set 2)
R309 Metallic Green (Racing Set 2)
R310 Metallic Red (Racing Set 2)
R311 Metallic Blue (Racing Set 2)
R312 Metallic Bronze (Racing Set 2)
IAF1 Earth FS 30219 (Israeli Air Force)
IAF2 Green FS 34227 (Israeli Air Force)
IAF3 Middlestone FS 33531 (Israeli Air Force)
IAF4 Pale Blue FS 35622 (Israeli Air Force)
SW1 Light Green 322M (Swedish Air Force)
SW2 Dark Olive Green 326M (Swedish Air Force)
SW3 Black 093M (Swedish Air Force)
SW4 Brown 507M (Swedish Air Force)
SW5 Blue Grey 058M (Swedish Air Force)

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