Polish Crimson

Humbrol Authentic Colour MC10

Polish Crimson, Humbrol Authentic Colour MC10.

Humbrol Authentic Colour MC10 »Polish Crimson«, the muted crimson facing colour of the 1st (Polish) Chevau-Légers Lanciers of the Imperial Guard.

Humbrol MC10 »Polish Crimson« is no longer available, which is why we mix our own »Polish Crimson« from PRIMAcryl 13.321 »Carmine«, 13.101 »Titanium White« and 13.792 »Ivory Black«, or from 13.321 »Carmine«, 13.323 »Ruby«, 13.101 »Titanium White« and a whiff of Golden 1040 »Carbon Black«. The former is slightly less bluish, the latter might be lightened a little more with »Zinc White«.