George Washington’s Army

IMEX 1:72 Scale Figure Review

George Washington’s Army, 1:72 Miniatures IMEX 511.

This set of American Revolutionary War Militia has many figure poses in common with similar sets released by Revell and Accurate Figures. Wargamers will find the IMEX set quite useful, because it contains a mounted officer, standardbearer of Continental Light Dragoons, infantry drummer boy, and casualty figure. The majority of miniatures represent Minutemen and local militiamen in civilian clothing, many armed with rifles. Some figures are uniformed and may be painted as state militiamen or continental line infantry. Suitable figures from the "British Redcoats" set may be drafted to build regiments of Continental Line.


46 Figures in 18 Poses – 23 mm equal 166 cm Height

  • George Washington, mounted
  • Continental Light Dragoon with army standard
  • Officer with spontoon
  • Officer with pistol (2)
  • Drummer boy
  • Minuteman with musket, hat in hand
  • Minuteman kneeling firing (4)
  • Minuteman with longrifle, hat in hand (2)
  • Militia in hunting shirt, longrifle, priming the pan (3)
  • Militia in hunting shirt, longrifle, firing
  • Militia standing with musket (5)
  • Militia in raincoat, standing firing musket (4)
  • Militia in raincoat, kneeling firing musket (4)
  • Militia in raincoat, advancing with musket (2)
  • Militia with musket, ramming the charge (4)
  • Militia with musket levelled, running (4)
  • Militia advancing with pistol and musket (4)
  • Militia wounded, sitting on felled tree (2)

2 horses in 2 poses – 23 mm equal 16.1 Hands

  • Mounted Officer’s horse
  • Light Dragoon horse


Good choice of subject. The mix of Minutemen, Militia, and Light Dragoon troop types is very useful for the early period of the American Revolutionary War.

George Washington looks like himself and the figure is uniformed correctly. The horse is not nearly as attractive, it should be replaced with a more appropriate cavalry or general officer’s mount taken from another figure set.

The Light Dragoon figure may be carefully converted to an officer or trooper, although this conversion is not strictly necessary anymore since Italeri has announced the release of British Light Dragoons.

Good casting quality, and minimal flash.

Compatible with ESCI, HaT, Italeri, Accurate Figures, and Revell.

The horses are not proportioned correctly, and they are only about the size of a Quarterhorse. The saddle flaps are too long, they reach all the way down to the fringe of the saddle blanket. The dragoon’s horse has a flying mane, even though it is only trotting. Perhaps, the sculpting of horse miniatures should be left to artists who know how to get it right.

The wounded figure is in a strange pose, he is sitting on a felled tree, his left arm is in a sling, his right eye is covered by a large head bandage, yet he’s still holding on to his cocked musket. Why? Is he the wounded hero who has not yet begun to fight? Most people in this kind of predicament would lean their musket against the nearest tree and wait for an ambulance, or slowly walk back to camp.

Historical Employment

  • Minutemen
  • State Militia
  • Continental Line
  • Continental Light Dragoons

Washington’s Army produced by IMEX is a good choice for wargamers interested in raising a balanced wargame army for the American Revolutionary War. The mounted standardbearer may be converted to a trooper or officer of light dragoons.

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