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Figures and Vehicles in 1:72 Scale

New product information and press releases will be published in the Military Miniatures Forum. Products reviewed in this issue of Military Miniatures Magazine are listet below:

1:32 Miniatures Description
IMEX 3200 American Revolution British Infantry
IMEX 3201 American Revolution American Militia
IMEX 3208 American Revolution British Infantry II
IMEX 3209 American Revolution American Militia II
IMEX 3280 Camelot Castle Facade
IMEX 3281 King Arthur’s Castle
IMEX 3282 Blackstone Castle
1:72 Miniatures Description
IMEX 503 US Cavalry, 1861–1866
IMEX 508 Sioux Warriors
IMEX 509 Alamo Defenders
IMEX 510 Mexican Infantry
IMEX 511 George Washington’s Army
IMEX 512 British Redcoats
IMEX 513 Chuck Wagon
IMEX 513 Prairie Schooner
IMEX 514 American Civil War Ambulance
IMEX 514 American Civil War Munitions Wagon
IMEX 515 Mexican Cavalry Alamo
IMEX 516 American Pioneers
IMEX 517 Stagecoach
IMEX 518 Conestoga Wagon
IMEX 519 Battlefield Accessories
IMEX 520 Mexican Artillery, Alamo
IMEX 521 Pilgrims
IMEX 522 Eastern Friendly Indians
IMEX 523 Lewis & Clark Expedition
IMEX 524 Pancho Villa & Banderos
IMEX 525 Waterloo British Cavalry / Artillery
IMEX 526 Waterloo French Cavalry / Artillery
IMEX 527 WWII Easy Company
IMEX 528 WWII German Troops
IMEX 529 Korean War US Infantry
IMEX 530 Korean War P.R.O.K. Troops
IMEX 531 Korean War Chinese Troops
IMEX 532 Korean People’s Army (KPA) Infantry (Korean War)
IMEX 533 Alamo Accessories
IMEX 534 Columbus and Explorers
IMEX 535 Mexican American War 1840’s US Infantry
IMEX 536 Mexican American War 1840’s US Cavalry / Artillery
IMEX 537 Alamo Shako’s Cavalry
IMEX 538 Southwestern Mission People 1600’s
IMEX 539 Pershing’s WWI Expeditionary Forces
IMEX 540 Mohawk Indians (French & Indian War)
IMEX 541 Knights Of The Round Table (King Arthur)
IMEX 542 Archers / Bowman / Pikeman
IMEX 543 Knights on Horseback Fighting (Medieval)
IMEX 544 Tournament Knights with Support People
IMEX 545 War of 1812 British
IMEX 546 War of 1812 Americans
IMEX 547 Creek Indians (Warring) War of 1812
IMEX 548 Pony Express
IMEX 549 Farm Animals, Wild Animals & Buffalo
IMEX 550 Rogers’ Rangers
IMEX 551 Ben Hur Chariot Set A
IMEX 552 Ben Hur Set B
IMEX 553 Alamo Shako’s Infantry
IMEX 606 Custer’s Last Stand Diorama
IMEX 607 Fort Apache Diorama
IMEX 608 American Revolution Camp Valley Forge
IMEX 609 American Revolution War of the Patriots
IMEX 7200 American Revolution British Infantry
IMEX 7201 American Revolution American Militia
IMEX 7214 Vikings
IMEX 7215 Saxons
IMEX 7250 Avalon Castle
IMEX 7251 Ivanhoe Castle


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