Kochgeschirr M31 Mess Tin

Kochgeschirr M31 Mess Tin, 1:35 Tamiya.

The kidney-shaped Kochgeschirr Model 1931 mess tin with 1.7 l capacity is smaller than its predecessor, the Model 1910 with over 2 l capacity. Both share the practical wire handle, the pan lid with rugged handle, and the buckle strap by which the mess tin was secured to the knapsack, to the bread bag, left of the field flask, or to the A-frame of the Gefechtsgepäck combat assault pack. Originally made of toxic aluminum, production was switched to tinplate during the war, as scarce aluminum resources were reserved for the aircraft industry.

The ESCI 1:32 scale German Infantrymen above are equipped with a completely unrecognizable mess tin, which is why we fitted one of them with a Kochgeschirr M31 from Tamiya.

Like other Kleingerät (small equipment) of the Wehrmacht, the mess tin was painted »Field Grey No. 2«, »Field Grey No. 3, or »Dark Grey No. 46«, or »Aviator Blue Grey RAL 7016« in the Luftwaffe.

Sturmgepäck of the Wehrmacht