T-34/76.B Medium Tank M.1941

KoMo 1:87 Scale Vehicle Review

T-34/76.B Medium Tank M.1941, 1:87 KoMo 1222.

The 1:87 scale Soviet T-34/76.B M.1941 by KoMo/ROCO is a significant improvement over the antique ROCO T-34/76.C. The model shown here has been upgraded with grab rails made of 0.6 mm piano wire and items of personal equipment sculpted with Milliput.


  • T-34/76.B Medium Tank M.1941


Excellent choice of subject, the ready-made model of the T-34/76.B medium tank is unique in this scale.

The KoMo model of the T-34/76.B is based on a T-34 M.1941 produced at the Stalingrad Tractor Works «Stalingradski Traktorny Zavod» (STZ), identifiable by the angled front of the gun mount, the angled turret rear armour plate, and the round transmission access hatch between the exhaust pipes at the hull rear.

The grab rails on the hull sides are only modelled in relief. Experienced modellers will want to sand or scrape these off and replace them with realistic rails made of piano wire. The handles on engine and transmission covers are treated the same way.

The gun cradle of our review items is so worn out that exceptional patience is required to lay the gun horizontally. With its gun lowered the tank appears to have been knocked out, which is why we are probably going to permanently fix the gun in place one day.

The T-34/76.B is equipped with an unditching log which has not been secured at all against rolling off the vehicle. Photos of T-34 medium tanks typically show the unditching log wedged between the hull side and the tool boxes on the track guards. Shovel, pickaxes, and tow ropes are missing.

Compatible with HO scale model railway equipment and miniatures by Märklin, ROCO, Faller, Pola, Preiser, and Noch.

Possible Conversions

  • Beutepanzer T-34 747(r) of the German Wehrmacht
  • Flakpanzer T-34 747(r) of the German Wehrmacht
  • T-34 Recovery Vehicle

KoMo‘s T-34/76.B medium tank is a a neatly detailed and really useful 1:87 model railroad scale model; and robust enough for wargames.

T-34/76 Medium Tank