British Infantry, 1941–1945

Lamming Miniatures 20 mm Figure Review

British Infantry, 1941–1945, 20 mm Lamming Miniatures.

Lamming Miniatures British Infantry with open hands may be modified to adopt a number of useful poses, simply by adjusting their arms and wrapping the fingers around any weapon they need to be holding.


Individual Figures in 18 Poses – 22.5 mm equal 162 cm Height

  • Officer with Binoculars, 20 mm Lamming MB/4
  • Officer with open Hands, separate Head, 20 mm Lamming MB/34
  • Signaller with Wireless Set, kneeling, 20 mm Lamming MB/7
  • № 1 PIAT, prone, firing, 20 mm Lamming MB/17g
  • № 1 Bren, prone, firing, 20 mm Lamming MB/15
  • Infantryman, prone, open Hands, 20 mm Lamming MB/16s
  • Infantryman, marching, open Hands at trail, 20 mm Lamming MB/21
  • Infantryman, advancing, open Hands, 20 mm Lamming MB/19
  • Infantryman, charging, open Hands, 20 mm Lamming MB/22
  • Rifleman, advancing, 20 mm Lamming MB/2
  • Rifleman, standing, separate Head, 20 mm Lamming MB/33
  • Rifleman, standing, firing, 20 mm Lamming MB/18
  • Rifleman, kneeling, firing, 20 mm Lamming MB/13
  • Rifleman, kneeling, firing, separate Head, 20 mm Lamming MB/32
  • Rifleman, prone, firing, 20 mm Lamming MB/14
  • № 1 Vickers, sitting, 20 mm Lamming MB/29
  • Mortarman with Bomb, kneeling, 20 mm Lamming MB/8
  • Mortarman with Bomb, standing, 20 mm Lamming MB/9

Separate Weapons

  • Pistols (Luger, P38, Browning), 20 mm Lamming BE/15
  • Lee-Enfield Rifle, 20 mm Lamming BE/1
  • Thompson Machine Carbine (TMC), 20 mm Lamming BE/2
  • Sten SMG, BE/3
  • Owen SMG (Australian), 20 mm Lamming BE/13
  • Bren LMG (bipod down), 20 mm Lamming BE/9
  • Bren LMG (bipod up), 20 mm Lamming BE/10
  • Vickers MMG, 20 mm Lamming BE/8
  • Boys AT-Rifle, 20 mm Lamming BE/14
  • 4.2″ Mortar, 20 mm Lamming BE/12
  • Bomb, 4.2″ Mortar (2), 20 mm Lamming BE/7
  • 3″ Mortar, 20 mm Lamming BE/11
  • Mortar Ammunition Carrier, 20 mm Lamming BE/6
  • Shell, 40 mm Bofors AA Gun (2), 20 mm Lamming BE/5
  • Shell, 6-pdr. Anti-Tank Gun (2), 20 mm Lamming BE/4
  • Shell, 25-pdr. Howitzer (2), 20 mm Lamming BE/16


Excellent choice of subject. Lamming‘s multi-pose British Infantry with open hands are a clever way of increasing the number of poses in an infantry platoon with minimal craftsmanship involved. The metal is soft enough to allow arms to be bent at the elbow and fingers to be wrapped around a weapon, using small pliers and a soft cloth to protect the surface of the miniature.

The figures are wearing Battledress, with 1937 Pattern Web Equipment, and Brodie helmets, and they may be armed with pistols, rifles, submachine guns, light and medium machine guns, anti-tank rifles, and mortars to be deployed at section, platoon, or company level.

British Infantry rifleman and Bren gunner, 1941–1945, 20 mm Lamming Miniatures.

The prone rifleman and Bren gunner nicely illustrate one of the shortcomings of the ‘37 Pattern Webbing: the Small Pack, worn with the rolled Gas Cape strapped on top of it, tended to tip the helmet forward, into the soldier‘s face, when he was running or in the prone firing position. The Bren gunner is in a very uncomfortable firing position, with the weight of his lower legs suspended on his toes. The resulting pain will distract him and ruin his aim. He also risks being hit in the heels. The prone rifleman has got the firing position right, but his Basic Pouches appear to have shifted from his front to his buttocks. While this arrangement may be more comfortable in the prone firing position, it is difficult to imagine how the soldier might have readjusted his pouches in combat.

British Infantry, advancing, 1941–1945, 20 mm Lamming Miniatures.

The advancing infantryman with open hands is a solid wargaming pose which may be used to model entire infantry sections by arming him with a Thompson MC, Bren LMG, or SMLE rifle. Some of the riflemen may even be left-handed to cover the right flank of their advancing patrol. The SMLE rifle can be made to look much more realistic by removing the short and thick bayonet.

Lamming Miniatures British Infantry compared to Revell, Hinchliffe, and Airfix.

Lamming Miniatures British Infantry are a little shorter and stockier than their Revell, Hinchliffe, and Airfix counterparts, just like real people come in different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, there is one obvious compatibility issue: the heads are much wider than they should be, and they require a noticeably oversized helmet to protect them. Fitted with a spare head and helmet from another 1:72 scale British infantryman, Lamming British Infantry becomes much more compatible.

Historical Employment

  • British and Commonwealth Infantry, 1941–1945

Possible Conversion

  • British Infantry with Small Box Respirator in Alert Position, 1940
  • British Infantry in Khaki Drill Service Dress (KD SD), 1939–1942
  • British Infantry in KD tropical Dress re-dyed Jungle Green, 1942

Lamming Miniatures British Infantry are nicely sculpted and highly versatile wargaming figures which may be modified and armed to represent any soldier in an infantry company.

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