Leopard 1A2 Main Battle Tank

Leopard 1A2 Main Battle Tank.

With the 5th production batch (5. Baulos, April 1927 to May 1973) a total of 232 Leopard A2 main battle tanks were produced, to replace the M48A2 of II Korps of the German Bundeswehr. The cast turret of the Leopard 1A2 sported thicker armour. Among other improvements, gun stabilization for the elevation and traversing mechanism was introduced.

Available Scale Model Kits

  • Leopard 1.A2, 1:72 Atlantic 601
  • Leopard 1.A2, 1:72 ESCI 8301
  • Leopard 1.A2, 1:72 Italeri 7031
  • Leopard 1.A2, 1:87 ROCO 256
  • Leopard 1.A2, 1:87 ROCO 05132
  • Leopard 1.A2, 1:100 Roskopf 30
  • Leopard 1.A2, 1:300 Heroics & Ros GM03A

Technical Specification

  • Leopard 1A2 Main Battle Trank
  • Production: 232 units of 5. Baulos (1972 to 1973)

Historical Employment

  • II Korps of the German Bundeswehr


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Older Leopard main battle tanks of production batches 1 to 4 were upgraded to the standard of the fifth batch and received the designation Leopard A1A1.

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