German Panzerknacker – Tank Busters

Master Fighter 1:48 Scale Figure Review

German Panzerknacker – Tank Busters, 1:48 Miniatures Master Fighter MF48001.

Master Fighter offers a set of two fully painted German Panzerknacker figures suitable for the 1944 Normandy Campaign. These miniatures are 36 mm tall and perfectly proportioned, unlike the many short and fat 25 mm figures on the market today. The kneeling man is about to fire a Panzerfaust rocket-launcher, while the standing soldier has just pulled the cord of a stick grenade. Both figures are wearing accurately painted camouflage smocks and helmet covers, and standard German infantry equipment. The standing soldier is still wearing the tall early war Knobelbecher boots, whereas the kneeling Panzerknacker has been issued short boots and gaiters.


  • 2 Figures in 2 Poses – 36 mm height equals 173 cm
    • Panzerknacker kneeling with Faustpatrone/Panzerfaust 100 Klein
    • Panzerknacker standing with Stielgranate 24 stick grenade


Excellent choice of subject. German Panzerknacker figures may be used in dioramas featuring many 1:48 scale World War Two armoured vehicles.

Useful historic poses.

These Panzerknacker figures are well sculpted, expertly painted, and nicely compatible with existing 1:48 scale vehicles.

Sample from Master Fighter

German Panzerknacker Tank Busters