M5A1 Half-Track

Matchbox 1:76 Scale Vehicle Conversion

Matchbox M16 Half-Track converted to the M5A1 Half-Track configuration.

This Matchbox 1:76 scale M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage has been converted to the M5A1 Half-Track configuration simply by removing the Quad .50 cal. M2 Machine Gun. The half-track has been captured by German forces in Tunesia and is now being used as a Schützenpanzerwagen of a Panzergrenadier unit. Seated German Panzergrenadiers from other Matchbox vehicle kits may be placed inside the vehicle to make the conversion even more convincing. Large German vehicle markings have been added to minimize the danger of friendly fire accidents. Expert wargamers may want to remove the folded top sections of the fighting compartment armour and model them in the raised position.

If the Quad .50 gun platform is left detachable, the M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage may be used an anti-aircraft vehicle or armoured personnel carrier interchangeably.

M5 Half-Track Personnel Carrier