Royal Neapolitan Guard Lancers of the Napoleonic Wars, 1814–1815

Royal Neapolitan Guard Lancers, Napoleonic Wars, 1:300 Miniatures Heroics & Ros MFN02.

1:300 scale French Napoleonic Lancers of the Imperial Guard, painted as royal Neapolitan Guard Lancers of 1814. The Lancers are wearing the old 1807 parade uniform of the Chevau-légers du Grand-Duc de Berg, some of whom transferred to the Neapolitan army when Joachim Murat became King of Naples in 1808. The Neapolitan Guard Chevau-légers were reorganized as a lancer regiment of three squadrons on 15 January 1814, much later than their brothers in arms from the Grand Duchy of Berg who had been serving as Chevau-Légers Lanciers from 1809 to 1813.


  • Chevaux-légers lanciers polonais de la Garde impériale

The Neapolitan Guard Lancers are based for Complete Brigadier wargame rules, they represent two squadrons of 120 troopers each, advancing in column of companies.

Neapolitan Army of the Napoleonic War