Nürnberger Meisterzinn Moulds of 40 mm Tin Soldiers

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Product Late Middle Ages, Renaissance
Meisterzinn 1302 Halberdier and Landsknecht with Great Sword
Meisterzinn 1303 Ensign and Fighter with Sword
Meisterzinn 1304 Landsknecht Drummer and Trumpeter
Meisterzinn 1305 Horseman with Lance
Meisterzinn 1306 Knight with Lance
Meisterzinn 1307 Knight with Sword
Meisterzinn 1331 Burgundian Cannon
Product Seven Years’ War
Meisterzinn 1002 Mounted Officer with Sword
Meisterzinn 1101 Officer with Sword, advancing
Meisterzinn 1109 Grenadier Drummer
Meisterzinn 1102 Grenadier, marching
Meisterzinn 1104 Grenadier, standing firing
Meisterzinn 1105 Grenadier, kneeling firing
Meisterzinn 1103 Musketeer, charging
Meisterzinn 1110 Musketeer in Melee, clubbing with Musket
Meisterzinn 1004 Grenzer with Flag
Meisterzinn 1003 Heavy Cavalryman with Standard
Meisterzinn 1005 Hussar with Pistol or Sabre
Meisterzinn 1106 Gunner with Linstock
Meisterzinn 1107 Gunner with Sponge/Powder Ladle
Meisterzinn 1001 Field Gun
Meisterzinn 1007 Limber for Fieldgun (1001) and Covered Wagon (1300)
Meisterzinn 1008 Morter and Gunner with Shell
Meisterzinn 1006 Artillery Near Horse and Rider
Meisterzinn 1300 Covered Wagon
Meisterzinn 1009 Entrenching Tools and Artillery Accessories
Product 18th and early 19th Century
Meisterzinn 1321 Infantryman and Officer, 1720–1820
Meisterzinn 1328 Officer and Grenadier, tossing Grenade
Meisterzinn 1324 Ensign and Infantryman, charging
Meisterzinn 1332 Musician with various Instruments
Meisterzinn 1329 Infantrymen, standing and kneeling firing
Meisterzinn 1322 Cuirassier with Sword and Carbine
Meisterzinn 1323 Kettledrummer and Fifer
Meisterzinn 1325 Light Cavalryman with Lance and Sabre
Meisterzinn 1330 Gunner with Quadrant, Gunner with Sponge/Rammer


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