Troop Movement Speeds in M.P.H.
Troop Type Terrain Type
Open Road Cross Country Mud/Snow Up/Down Hill
Man walking 3 3 3 2
Man marching 4 4 3 2
Man running 5 5 3 2
Man carrying equipment 3 3 2 2
Man hauling equipment 2 2 1 1
Crewed Heavy Weapons Take one turn to deploy or dismantle/limber up.
Mounting/Dismounting Infantry take the entire turn; vehicles must be stationary.
Horse 20 30 12 7 up; 5 down
Bicycle 22 12 2 2
Motorcycle 70 45 5 17
Jeep 45 30 8 11
Truck 30 20 12 7
AFV Top Speed 2/3 Speed 1/2 Speed 1/4 Speed
Throw a D6 for every vehicle moving across mud or snow, to determine if it becomes bogged down. If a vehicle is bogged down, throw a D6 every move to determine if the vehicle manages to free itself again:

Wheeled D6 result of 5 or 6 = bogged down. If wheeled & bogged, 6 = freed.
Tracked D6 result of 6 = bogged down. If tracked & bogged, 5 or 6 = freed.

HMG, belt-fed LMG, Mortars, AT Guns, Field Guns, and any other multi-crew weapons take 1 move to deploy, and 1 move to limber up or dismantle for movement.

AFV move at their designated maximum speed on roads. Sherman tanks run on highly flammable Aviation Spirit, but Firefly tanks are Diesel powered.


45 degree turns cost 2.5″ of movement
90 degree turns cost 5″ of movement
180 degree turns cost an entire round of movement


Tanks end their movement turn on meeting an obstacle. It takes another turn to negotiate the obstacle, and the tank will end its turn on the far side of the obstacle. Example: A tank moves up to a hedge on turn one, engages crawler gear ratio and passes through the hedge on turn two, and then resumes the appropriate speed again on turn three. The tank counts as a moving target throughout this manœuvre.

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