• Smoke shells operate in the same way as H.E. Shells or Handgrenades. The latter generate a cloud of 1″ radius.
  • Smoke shells generate a radius of smoke equivalent to the blast radius of an H.E. Shell of the same calibre, e.g. a 75 mm smoke shell has a 1.5″ radius.
  • Smoke shells may be fired from any 75 mm gun or larger, and from any mortar.
  • Smoke bomb dischargers will project smoke bombs a distance of 5″ from the AFV firing them.
  • Smoke lasts 3 turns.
  • Targets in smoke are hit only on a D12 result of 1 or 2 at any range.
  • Targets in smoke are invisible to aircraft, unless the aircraft is directed by a forward air controller FAC who has identified a target inside the smoke screen.
  • Targets in smoke may be shelled by artillery and mortars if an observer for the battery has identified the target before it entered the smoke.
  • A firer in smoke has a -3 penalty on gun and small arms fire.
  • Units in smoke cannot see signal flares or flag signals, and they may not send flag signals while in smoke.
  • Units in smoke cannot be identified by other units which did not see them move into the smoke. An unidentified unit cannot be fired upon.
  • Smoke moves with the wind, at wind speed.

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