Infantry Morale Test (D6)
A morale test is required when a casualty occurs in a group, squad, or section. Throw 1D6 and add or substract the following modifiers:
+1 elite troops -1 conscript or poorly trained
+1 for each NCO present -2 militia or non-combatants
+2 for each junior officer present
+2 for friendly squad within 10″ -2 if cover more than 1 move away
+1 for HMG support -1 under HMG fire
+1 for mortar support
+1 radio or telephone contact with friends
+2 for artillery support -2 if under artillery bombardment
+3 if field officer present -3 if under flamethrower attack
+4 if staff officer present
+2 for anti-tank gun support -2 if charged by enemy
+2 for tank support -2 if under tank attack
+1 defending a building or trench -1 attacking a building or trench
+2 defending a strongpoint or pillbox -2 attacking strongpoint or pillbox
Modified D6 Morale Result
5, 6 – carry on
4 – hold current position
3 – head for nearest cover
2 – withdraw to nearest friendly unit/group
1 – retreat from Battlefield
0 – rout from Battlefield. Fire only if fired upon.
-1 and below – surrender (Japanese units suicide charge nearest enemy).
Retreating and routing units may be rallied by an officer within 2″ of them. Take a new morale test. If the rally attempt fails, a routed unit will eliminate the officer and continue to rout.

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