AFV Crew Morale Test (D6)
An AFV crew checks morale every time the vehicle is perforated by an anti-tank weapon, or if it is immobilized by damage or accident. Throw 1D6 and add or substract the following modifiers:
+1 if elite tank crew +1 for each friendly AFV within 10"
+1 if operating with infantry +1 if platoon leader
+1 if with artillery support +2 if heavy tank or assault gun
+2 if company commander -1 if conscript or poorly trained crew
-1 for every dead friendly AFV that has been seen by the crew -1 if light tank, APC or armoured car
-1 if charged by infantry. Additional -1 if no M.G. for self defense is available. -1 for each crew casualty
-2 if out of communication with platoon leader -2 if immobilized
-2 if operating alone, i.e. only AFV on the field -2 if under artillery attack
-3 if under flame attack -1 if AFV crew employed as infantry (outside vehicle)
Modified D6 Morale Result
5, 6 - carry on
4 - hold current position
3 - fall back to nearest friendly unit or group
2 - fall back to nearest cover
1 - retreat from Battlefield. May be rallied like infantry or gun crew.
0 - rout from Battlefield at top forward speed. Fire only if fired upon. Cannot rally.
-1 and below - abandon AFV, retreat on foot or surrender to nearest visible enemy.
Retreating vehicle crews may be rallied by an officer within 2" of them. Take a new morale test. Routing vehicle crews cannot be rallied.

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