Engineering Tasks Men Moves
Destroy an AFV in the turn after boarding it successfully 1 1
Barricade a road 12 3
Dig a manspace of slit-trench 1 4
Build a small gun emplacement with sandbags 4 10
Build a large gun emplacement with sandbags 8 10
Lay 3″ of barbed wire, detonator cable or telephone line 1 1
Connect a handset to telephone line 1 1
Install and bury a Fougasse or Hellbore 8 10
Repair Work Men Moves
Make an abandoned AFV operational AFV Crew 2
Open a closed-down AFV AFV Crew 2
Repair broken tracks 3 4
Repair jammed turret 5 5
Repair Main Armament (using crane/derrick) 5 10
Repair Engine Workshop Unit 20
Tow AFV 4″ (Armoured Recovery Vehicle) ARV & Crew 1
Tow Soft Vehicle 8″ (Heavy Wrecker) Wrecker & Crew 1
Engineering tasks requiring sandbags, barbed wire, telephone cable, mines, explosives or any other engineering stores may be undertaken only if the necessary supplies are on site.

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