Boat Crew Morale Test (D6)
A boat crew checks morale every time the boat is hit. Throw 1D6 and add or substract the following modifiers:
+1 if elite crew -1 if poorly trained crew
+1 for each HMG on board -3 if only small arms on board
+2 for each gun on board -4 if defenceless
+2 if with artillery support -2 if under artillery bombardment
+1 if semi-armoured/fortified -2 if small boat
+2 if lightly armoured (up to 12 mm) -1 if movement by sail only
+3 if heavily armoured (12 mm or more) -2 if dead in the water (no power)
+2 if MTB, MGB, E-Boat or R-Boat -2 if only 1 hit from being sunk
+2 if with MTB, MGB, E-Boat or R-Boat escort -4 if boat out of control (no helm)
+1 for every friendly boot in 10″ -2 if being boarded by enemy
+2 if command boat -2 if boat commander eliminated
+1 if speed greater than 10″ per move -1 for each crew casualty
-2 if on fire
-1 Sailors fighing as infantry, on land
Modified D6 Morale Result
5, 6 – carry on
4 – take evasive action if possible
3 – pull away from enemy
2 – retreat at half speed
1 – retreat at best possible speed
0 – rout, fire only if fired upon.
-1 and below – Abandon boat, surrender if boarded
Retreating boats may be rallied by an officer on board. A new morale test may be taken every move, until the boat is rallied. Routed boats cannot be rallied, they will head toward the neares friendly port at full speed, exiting the table as soon as possible.

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