AFV Internal Damage Table (D12)
D12 Turret Penetration Hull Penetration
1 No Effect*
2 No Effect*
3 No Effect*
4 Brewed Up
5 Brewed Up
6 Brewed Up
7 Brewed Up
8 Throw for each crew member, 4 – 6 on a D6 saves the man
9 Throw for each turret crew member Throw for each hull crew member
10 Main armament damaged Brewed Up
11 Vehicle on fire, crew bails out
12 Turret jammed Engine damaged
* No Effect results convert to Brewed Up for Sherman, Lee, Grant, Stuart, and any other vehicle operated on aviation spirit, or carrying a flamethrower.
Any AFV penetrated or immobilized by a shot, must take an AFV Crew Morale Test.

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