AFV Crew Levels, and Manœuvre Speeds in M.P.H.
AFV Type Crew Terrain Type
    Open Road Cross Country Mud/Snow Up/Down Hill
Sherman 75 mm 5 27 18 13.5 7
Sherman 76 mm 5 27 18 13.5 7
Firefly 4 22 14.5 11 5.5
Tiger I 5 23 14.75 11.5 5.75
1 M.P.H. = 1 Inch or 1 Centimetre of movement, depending on which model scale is used.
1:72 and 1:76 Scale: 50 Inches = 100 Yards
1:300 Micro Armour: 30 Centimetres = 100 Yards
AFV move at their designated maximum speed on roads. Sherman tanks run on highly flammable Aviation Spirit, but Firefly tanks are Diesel powered.
45 degree turns cost 2.5″ of movement
90 degree turns cost 5″ of movement
180 degree turns cost an entire round of movement
Tanks end their movement turn on meeting an obstacle. It takes another turn to negotiate the obstacle, and the tank will end its turn on the far side of the obstacle. Example: A tank moves up to a hedge on turn one, engages crawler gear ratio and passes through the hedge on turn two, and then resumes the appropriate speed again on turn three. The tank counts as a moving target throughout this manœuvre.

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