Structure Defence Values
Target Defence Value Target Defence Value
Hut 2 House, timber framed 6
House, brick 8 House, stone 12
Pillbox, wood 7 Bunker, wood 9
Pillbox, concrete 12 Bunker, concrete 16
Heavy Pillbox 14 Coastal Emplacement 18
Pontoon Bridge 9 Wooden Bridge 12
Stone Bridge 16 Concrete Bridge 18
Girder Bridge 20 Landing Craft 10
Note: Demolition Charges may be wired in multiples to give a higher strike value, but only one D6 strike point bonus is applied to the entire blast.

It takes 1 man 2 moves to place a demolition charge, and 1 move to wire up all the connections. The blast radius of a grouped demolition charge is equivalent to the size of shell that the strike points are equal to.

Example: Five demolition charges are bundled to ensure the destruction of a girder bridge. It takes 1 soldier 11 moves to place the five charges, and wire their connections. The combined strike value is 20 points plus 1 D6, equivalent to a 211-220 mm H.E. shell, with a blast radius of 4 Inches. The charge is usually timed to go off in X number of moves, and the player needs to make a written note of it.

Alternatively, the soldier may spend an additional move attaching detonator cable to the bundled charge. He would then withdraw to cover outside of the blast radius, unrolling detonator cable on the run. Once under cover, he would spend another move connecting the cable to a detonator box. The placed charge is now a command-detonated charge, requiring a soldier at the detonator box to blow the charge at any time in the game.

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