Maximum Turret Traverse per Turn
Vehicle Type Turret Traverse
Light Tank Power Traverse 180 degrees
Hand Traverse 120 degrees
Medium Tank Power Traverse 120 degrees
Hand Traverse 90 degrees
Heavy Tank Power Traverse 90 degrees
Hand Traverse 45 degrees
Soviet KV I & KV II Power Traverse 45 degrees
As a game turn is typically 10 to 15 seconds of action, this means that tanks will have a limited rotational distance through which their turrets can traverse. Soviet K.V. tanks took 1 minute to rotate their turrets through 180 degrees, and also the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausführung J lacked the power traverser of the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausführung H. Slow turret rotation is a problem tank platoon commanders had to deal with, and the general tactic adopted by tank units was for the tanks in a formation to point in several directions until an enemy position was encountered. The table will help to determine how far a particular A.F.V. may traverse during a game turn, and it will result in wargame tank formations with turrets pointing in all directions, covering all likely directions of attack.

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