PRIMAcryl 13.431

Indigo, PRIMAcryl 13.431.

The mixed pigment colour PRIMAcryl 13.431 »Indigo« (PB 60, PV 19, PBk 10, opaque) compared to Vallejo 70.965 »Prussian Blue« and Vallejo 70.899 »Dark Prussian Blue«.

PRIMAcryl 13.431 Indigo lightened with PRIMAcryl 13.101 Titanium White.

Mixed with PRIMAcryl 13.101 »Titanium White«, PRIMAcryl 13.431 »Indigo« offers many beautiful tints of blue which may be used as facing colours of French and Austrian infantry and Prussian Freikorps, Bavarian faded blue or light blue coat colours, and Prussian artillery blue.

PRIMAcryl 13.431 Indigo lightened with PRIMAcryl 13.210 Vanadium Yellow deep.

Tinted with PRIMAcryl 13.210 »Vanadium Yellow deep«, PRIMAcryl 13.431 »Indigo« offers a range of greens which may be used as Dragoon Green, Siskin Green, and bright green facings of some Prussian Seven Years’ War Freijägers or Hanoverian Feldjägercorps von Kielmannsegg.

Tinted with Lascaux 961 »Yellow Ochre«, PRIMAcryl 13.431 »Indigo« is an excellent match for French Artillery Green.

Parisian or Prussian Blue